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Revamp Your Appearance With
a Body Editor

Sometimes people are not satisfied with their bodies’ appearance in photos. In such cases, a photo body editor for reshaping the body and making it look more natural can come in handy.

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How To Maximize Your Editing Capabilities With an AI Body Editor?

The portrait AI tools of Luminar Neo help you mask up parts of the body automatically and apply adjustments. You don’t have to do selective masking and brushing, saving time and effort.

Why Choose Our Image Reshaper? 

If you feel like adding or reducing the volume of a body in your photograph, you can use Luminar Neo’s designated BodyAI tool to shape a subject’s torso and abdomen, enjoying natural and realistic results.

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Crafting Captivating Visuals: Exploring the Realm Of a Body Shape Editor

Photo reshaping editing tools allow you to adjust a body's appearance in photos to match your personal preferences.

This can boost your subject’s confidence when sharing images on social media, dating apps, or professional profiles.

Sculpting Beauty: Transforming Images With a Photo Reshaper

Photo body editor Luminar Neo’s BodyAI tool shapes a subject’s torso and abdomen.

Body. This slider slims or adds volume to a subject’s torso.

Abdomen. This slider pinches in a subject’s abdomen to remove volume.
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Explore Other Features

Luminar Neo has plenty of other features to help you edit faster and easier
Golden Hour
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Golden Hour
 Enhance your photos with the warm, soft, and diffused light of the golden hour.
Change Background Color
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Change Background Color
Enhance your design projects with a background changer, a simple yet impactful tweak.
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Elevate your images with stunning photo filters
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Explore our tools to customize the perfect image saturation and bring your visuals to life.
Dehaze Photos
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Dehaze Photos
Effortlessly reveal hidden details and vibrant colors.
Unblur Image
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Unblur Image
Unlock the power of clarity and transform your blurry shots into crystal-clear masterpieces!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reverse photo reshaping?

Depends on which body image changer you’re using. You can always reverse your changes in Luminar Neo.

Can I adjust body proportions like height and weight with this tool?

While BodyAI provides body reshaping, it can’t adjust body proportions like height and weight, but only adds and removes volume from a subject’s torso and abdomen.

Can I edit multiple people in the same photo?

Sure, BodyAI can detect multiple people in the same photo.