Luminar for iPad: User Guide

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  • How to synchronize with a desktop version

    Luminar for iPad is a separate product from Luminar Neo, our main desktop application. As such, there is currently no synchronization between the apps that would enable catalog sharing. However, we understand how essential is this feature for our current users, and we are actively exploring ways to implement such functionality in the near future.

  • Activate the app on another device

    The subscription process occurs seamlessly through the App Store. Therefore, any iPads logged in with the same Apple ID will automatically grant access to the app. To get started, just sign in with your Apple ID, navigate to the App Store, and install the app hassle-free.

  • Manage my subscription

    You can manage your subscription by navigating from the program to Settings -> Your Account -> Then click on the button with your email written on it. Alternatively, you can access subscription settings directly through the general settings of subscriptions in the App Store.

  • System requirements

    Operating System: Version 17 or later

    Device Generation: 6th generation or newer

    RAM: 2GB or more

    Please be aware that these are the minimum requirements for running Luminar Neo, but depending on your device generation and RAM, there may be some limitations. You can find detailed information on compatibility here.

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