Removing Shadows in Photoshop: The Simplest Guide

15 min. to read

Photographs of objects that have been exposed to harsh light are always accompanied by harsh shadows, which in some cases simply spoil the aesthetic perception of the image. Fortunately, there are built-in functions in Photoshop that are aimed at eliminating such aesthetic defects.
Change your Instagram Story color: a quick guide

11 min. to read

Instagram Stories are a great way to share events from your life. Unfortunately, there is no special tool to change the background color on Instagram Stories. However, it is still possible to do so. In this article, we'll share a few ways to make your Stories more enjoyable with fantastic backgrounds.
How to Photograph Artwork

5 min. to read

Photographing artwork has a few secrets, which you need to know in order to reveal its true beauty.
How to make a Photography Portfolio

14 min. to read

Accurate photographer presentation is impossible without having a decent photography portfolio. How to make a portfolio for photography? Today we will answer this question.
How to Learn Photography

5 min. to read

Photography is one of the beautiful arts, but as all other kinds of art, it requires skills.
How to Photograph Food

4 min. to read

Images sell - it is even more important when it comes to basic needs of human being, such as food.
How to Enhance a Photo

6 min. to read

Luminar is a best tool for you for all kinds of photo enhancement.
How to Restore Old Photos in Photoshop and Luminar

19 min. to read

Restoring an old photos is not an obvious task and depends on the condition of the original.

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