Chapter 5: Tools Menu

The Tools menu holds specialty tools that help you modify an image or layer.  These tools will be explored in-depth later in this guide.

  • Crop Tool (C). The Crop tool allows you to hide parts of an image to change its composition or to prepare it for display at a certain size or aspect ratio (such as a 5X7 print).  The Crop tool also makes it easy to align (straighten) the horizon in an image if it’s not horizontal. You’ll learn more about cropping in the chapter “Crop & Transform a Photo.” (Crop tool is not available when Luminar Flex is accessed through Photoshop.)

  • Free Transform Tool (Cmd/Ctrl + T). This tool makes it easy to transform a layer.  Once active you can drag a handle at the side of the image to resize the width or height.  Click the Lock icon in the info area if you want to force the image to maintain its original shape.  You can also enter a specific size in pixels by clicking on a number.

  • Clone & Stamp Tool (Cmd/Ctrl + J). The Clone & Stamp tool lets you sample pixels from one part of the image (just hold down the Option key and click on the source pixels).  You can then click and paint in another part of the image to add those pixels into a new area. You’ll learn more in the chapter “Removing an Object.”

  • Erase Tool (Cmd/Ctrl + E). The Erase tool is similar to the Clone & Stamp tool.  The key difference is that you don’t need to choose where to sample pixels from.  Simply click and paint on an unwanted object and pixels surrounding it will blend and try to remove the object from the image. You’ll also learn more about erasing in the chapter “Removing an Object.”

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