Chapter 13: Keyboard Shortcuts for MacOS


  •            Activates before/after comparison. When the key is pressed, the original image will be shown. Releasing the key will reveal the enhanced image.
  • ;            Activates split-screen comparison mode where the original image is on the left side and the edited result will be on the right side. To exit the mode press the ; button again.
  • Tab     Show/hide the Looks Panel at the bottom of the window and Side panel along right edge.  The key will activate previously shown windows.
  • F          Full-screen view

File Menu

  • Cmd+S              Save
  • Cmd+W             Close

Edit Menu

  • Cmd+Z                    Undo
  • Shift+Cmd+Y         Redo
  • Cmd+X                    Cut                        
  • Cmd+C                    Copy
  • Cmd+V                    Paste


  • B                        Brush
  • G                        Gradient Mask
  • R                        Radial Mask
  • Cmd+T              Free Transform
  • Cmd+J              Clone & Stamp
  • Cmd+E              Erase


  • [                         Decrease the brush radius
  • ]                         Increase the brush radius
  • Shift+[               Decrease the brush softness
  • Shift+]               Increase the brush softness
  • X                        Switching between painting/erasing modes
  • /                          Show current layer mask in the form of red transparent image
  • Cmd+I               Invert the layer mask

View Menu

  • Shift+Cmd+T     Show Tab Bar
  • Cmd++               Zoom In
  • Cmd+-                Zoom Out
  • Cmd+1              Original Size
  • Cmd+0              Fit to Screen
  • J                        Show/hide Clipping
  • I                         Hide Image Info
  • Cmd+L              Show Filters Catalog
  • ;                         Compare
  • ^+Cmd+F          Enter Full Screen
  • F                        Full Screen Preview

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