Unique adjustments found nowhere else

Why do so many photographers choose Luminar? It's for the incredible adjustments they can’t find anywhere else.  Luminar Flex runs as a plugin in several different host applications, so it fits into almost every photographer’s workflow. Luminar Flex helps photographers and designers of all skill levels create better looking images in far less time. Thanks to its unique artificial intelligence and image aware filters, great images are easier than ever.

Save time with AI powered technologies

Wouldn’t you spend less time behind a computer editing photos and have more time to capture them?  Luminar offers Accent AI 2.0,  the smartest, most intelligent single slider in the world? Plus save time with other great artificial intelligence filters. Luminar allows for precise editing without the need for tedious selections and masks.  

  • Accent AI 2.0 - It’s possible to improve the color, details, tone, and depth of a photo in seconds.  Accent AI 2.0 analyzes your photos and applies enhancements instead of a dozen manual adjustments.

  • AI Sky Enhancer – Smart sky enhancement with the help of artificial intelligence. This filter analyzes the image and makes it easy to get beautiful results.  Plus intelligent masking limits the results to just the sky.

  • Foliage Enhancer – Bring out the colors of foliage and greenery automatically, making them more vivid and natural.  This is a perfect addition to landscape and nature photos.

  • Details Enhancer – Create dramatic photos with crystal-clear sharpness.  This filter unlocks details for sharp looking images without halos or artifacts.

  • ...and more!

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