Master Landscape Photo Editing From Scratch

Curso by Team Skylum, Vanelli

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20 tutorial lessons

Almost 3 hours of content, with videos available in English.

Get spectacular landscape photos

Learn the theory, avoid common mistakes, master Luminar Neo’s AI-powered tools.

Resources to practice along

Transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills with 35 sample photos.

¿Qué aprenderás?

In these 20 videos, you’ll explore the fundamentals of landscape photography, learn how to use Luminar Neo to enhance your results in the best way, develop your artistic vision, and apply the hands-on experience of seasoned landscape photographers to your photos.


Course Overview and Objectives

Vanelli, the Director of Education at Skylum and your instructor in this course, tells you the structure of the course and the plan of the studying process.


Types of Landscape Photo

Learn to distinguish the various types of landscape photos and tell the difference between them.


Typical Landscape Photo Mistakes

Basic don’ts of landscape photography and editing.


How to Start Working With Luminar Neo

The basic algorithm of how to start working with Luminar Neo - download, install, activate.


How to Upload Photos. File Format Recommendations.

The initial stage of working with files.


Ajustes preestablecidos de Luminar Neo

Using ready templates is a good first step in editing landscapes.


Enhancing Basic Photo Editing Settings

Practical lesson on basic photo adjustments.


Using Essential Landscape Tools

Practical lesson on Luminar Neo landscape tools.


Balance Your Images

A guide on using Luminar Neo AI-powered features to balance images.


Work With Skies

A practical lesson on how to work with skies with the help of Luminar Neo AI-powered features.


Add Atmospheric Effects

A brief instruction on how to create atmospheric effects of your landscapes using Luminar Neo AI features.


Add a New Light Source to Your Photo

A guide on using Luminar Neo creative editing tools to work with light.


Give Your Photo an Aged Look

Some ways to change the emotion of the photo with the help of Luminar Neo creative editing tools.


Create a Mystical or Dramatic Landscape

A step-by-step instruction on how to make your landscape look mystical using creative photo editing tools.


Don’t Overdo Contrast

Going overboard with contrast is one of the editing mistakes.


Harmonize Your Colors

Color harmony is one of the signs of a good landscape.


Control the Viewer's Eye

Making emphasis on some landscape details.


Look For Visual Distractions

Visual distractions as something that can harm the landscape.


Go Beyond the Frame

Panoramic images as a way to show new perspectives.


Practice and Course Recap

A practical lesson on how to edit landscape under our instructor's supervision and a summary of what was covered.


Master Landscape Photo Editing From Scratch by Robert Vanelli(3)

Master Landscape Photo Editing From Scratch

Everything you need to know to enhance your landscapes in Luminar Neo in one course – from fundamental knowledge to tools and techniques to use, to practical step-by-step guidance.



Photographer. Director of Education at Skylum

Apart from being a sports and portrait photographer, Vanelli is the Director of Education at Skylum. He teaches regular workshops on editing, writes for Photofocus and creates tutorials for the Vanelli and Friends series. Vanelli hosts regular Coffee Breaks and teaches photographers of all skill levels to create spectacular photos with ease.

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