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Another one in a series of ‘Hollandse Lutchen’, literally ‘Dutch Skies’, a well-known term in the Netherlands for the dramatic, vibrant, and breathtaking skies you can often see in this country. These dynamic skies have inspired the old Dutch masters like Van Gogh and Rembrandt to paint masterpieces, and now they can inspire you to create fantastic photos. Use these 20 high-resolution Skies to give some dynamism and drama to an ordinary photo. All of these sunsets were photographed by Albert from his panoramic rooftop terrace in Amersfoort, and Albert is happy that you’ll be able to use them to create your own amazing photos!

Qué incluye

20 Skies in JPEG format


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO, Photoshop

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Con los archivos RAW proporcionados, practicarás fácilmente los consejos de retoque y aprenderás a conseguir fotos como estas.

© Albert Dros
Dutch Sunsets Skies(39)
Dutch Sunsets Skies(40)>
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© Vishwas Katti
Dutch Sunsets Skies(41)
Dutch Sunsets Skies(42)>
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© Sies Kranen
Dutch Sunsets Skies(43)
Dutch Sunsets Skies(44)>
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© Dave Herring
Dutch Sunsets Skies(45)
Dutch Sunsets Skies(46)>
Antes Después
© Fredrik Ohlander
Dutch Sunsets Skies(47)
Dutch Sunsets Skies(48)>
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© Neom
Dutch Sunsets Skies(49)
Dutch Sunsets Skies(50)>
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Skies included in the pack

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Albert Dros

Fotógrafo, escritor y educador

Albert Dros is a Dutch landscape photographer who has an extraordinary passion to plan and create unique shots. Volcanoes, solar eclipses and unique aspects of nature draw his attention. He doesn’t just go for the simple shot.

"Go big or go home" is his motto, always trying to add some unique element to his shots. 

His work has been recognized on a worldwide scale and he has been published worldwide in the biggest media outlets.

Albert travels a lot as a photo educator but also for personal projects. But even in The Netherlands, he can’t stop photographing. His inspiration never stops.

Dutch Sunsets Skies(86)