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Surprising Skies

Cielos by Ahmet Anak

$ 25 .00

Acerca de

Skies are full of surprises. Depending on where you are in the world, the beauty of the sky might catch you off guard. We can marvel at a stunning sunset or unusually shaped clouds. The Northern Lights dance is truly a sight to behold, but even the usual gloomy or sunny sky can make us feel deep emotions and give us the joy of living. Fill your photos with that same joy and wonder with the 25 curated Skies of this pack. Let your imagination shine through!

Qué incluye

25 Skies in JPEG format


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO, Photoshop

Consigue fotos como estas

Con los archivos RAW proporcionados, practicarás fácilmente los consejos de retoque y aprenderás a conseguir fotos como estas.

© Ahmet Anak
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© Ahmet Anak
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© Ahmet Anak
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© Ahmet Anak
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© Ahmet Anak
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© Ahmet Anak
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La historia

© Ahmet Anak

Cielos incluidos en el paquete

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Ahmet Anak

Landscape, nature photographer, colorist and retoucher

Ahmet Anak lives in Paris, France. He has worked in the design of air conditioning products for about 25 years and has been involved in professional photography for over 10 years. He has been working in photography full-time for the last 3 years.

Ahmet has traveled to more than 20 countries so far and has taken nature and landscape photographs in these countries. He went to Finland, Iceland and Norway from Northern European countries and took various photographs in the parts of those regions that remain in the Arctic Circle.

The photographs he took in Finland were published in one of Turkey's popular travel magazines. It also shares some of the photos it takes with stock photography sites and provides downloadable versions of these photos. He has been interested in drone photography for the last two years and has started to add bird's-eye photos to his archive.

Ahmet works with Luminar products while processing his photographs. Ahmet, one of the first users of Luminar, is currently working with Luminar Neo.

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