How to Edit Night Photos in Luminar Neo

13 min. to read

Night photos can be magical. But let's be honest; they can also turn out grainy or dull. Ever wondered how to make them pop?
How To Convert NEF To JPG On Windows & Mac

11 min. to read

Ever clicked a stunning photo with your Nikon camera and found yourself puzzled with a 'NEF' file on your computer? You're not alone!
How to Remove Dust Spots & Power Lines Automatically

11 min. to read

You've captured the perfect shot: the sun is setting just right, casting a golden hue over the city, and the sky is painted with hues of oranges and purples. But as you zoom in to admire your work, there they are—those pesky power lines crisscrossing the sky and those tiny, irritating dust spots marring the beauty of your image.
How To Use LED Light For Portraits To Create Jaw-Dropping Photos (From START To FINISH)

14 min. to read

Have you ever stared at a portrait, completely mesmerized by the way light caresses the subject, giving it a surreal, almost magical touch? If so, you're not alone.
How To Use Color In Photography Creatively?

11 min. to read

Colors have a way of grabbing our attention. In the world of snapping photos, the use of color in photography can make a huge difference.
How To Create A Black And White Background With Luminar Neo

11 min. to read

In visual storytelling, the background is pivotal in directing the viewer's attention and evoking powerful emotions. That is why there is hardly any photographer who would never ask himself, "How can I change the background of a photo?"
How To Create An HDR Merge In One Minute

12 min. to read

Ever imagined capturing the soft glow of dawn and the brilliance of midday in one photo? Welcome to the lightning-fast world of HDR merging. Forget hours fiddling with settings, curves, and sliders.
How To Photograph Christmas Lights: Illuminate Your Holiday Memories

12 min. to read

September's chill might just be settling in, and while cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice are on everyone's mind, the holiday season is inching closer. Before we know it, streets and homes will be adorned with the mesmerizing glow of Christmas lights.

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