How To Remove Background From Photo With IPad

12 min. to read

IPad has become an amazing companion for seasoned and professional visual artists searching for a seamless editing experience.
How to Blend Two Images in Photoshop: A Comprehensive Guide

17 min. to read

Blending images in Photoshop is like mixing ingredients to bake a cake – you want to combine them just right to get the best result. By learning this, you can make your photos look amazing or even create pictures that look like a dream!
How to Combine Photos on iPhone: Shortcut & App Guide

16 min. to read

Do you want to learn how to combine photos on your iPhone to create something unique? Whether it's to show a before-and-after, make a special memory collage, or just for fun, combining images on your iPhone can be easy and exciting. You don't always need extra apps for this.
How To Photograph HyperCars + Editing Tutorial

12 min. to read

Hypercars, the high-performance, awe-inspiring machines, not only fuel our need for speed but also provide a canvas for some truly stunning imagery. Supercars photography is an art form, a fusion of technical expertise and creative vision.
How to Brighten Dark Backlight Photos - Luminar Neo First Look

11 min. to read

Welcome to the captivating realm of backlights for photography! In this article, we embark on a fascinating journey into the art of transforming dark, underexposed backlit photos into radiant masterpieces.
How We Edit for Street Photography (featuring Luminar NEO)

12 min. to read

Street photography as a genre of photographic art can be defined as capturing public spaces without a preliminarily prepared script for the shooting. As can be clear from the name, it includes taking shots of the objects on the streets. But this genre is not limited to literal streets. Parks, markets, and other environments where life unfolds spontaneously can be a stage for a photographic play.
How To Photograph Snowflakes?

11 min. to read

Welcome to the world of snowflake photography! Have you ever looked closely at a snowflake and wanted to capture its beauty with a camera?
How to Edit Soft BROWN TONES for Portrait Photography in Luminar AI

11 min. to read

Portrait photography is a specific genre of photographic art where more is needed to depict what (or who) is in front of you. No matter whether it is a professional model demonstrating a new sports suit for commercial purposes or a citizen of a tiny village in Cambogia, which you want to describe in your travel blog — portraits tell stories and encourage some feedback from the audience. But how to tell a story without saying a word?

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