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How to Combine Photos on iPhone: Shortcut & App Guide

November 17

16 min. to read

Do you want to learn how to combine photos on your iPhone to create something unique? Whether it's to show a before-and-after, make a special memory collage, or just for fun, combining images on your iPhone can be easy and exciting. You don't always need extra apps for this.

How to Combine Photos on iPhone: Shortcut & App Guide Image1In our guide, we'll show you step-by-step how to combine pictures on your iPhone using simple methods that are already part of your phone. We'll also introduce some great apps that can give you more creative options.

Let's dive in and start having fun with your photos!

Why Combine Photos on an iPhone?How to Combine Photos on iPhone: Shortcut & App Guide Image2

Combining images on your iPhone is a fun and creative way to share memories and express your artistic side. With this feature, you can stitch different moments into a single image, like capturing an entire birthday party in one photo, making it an efficient way to tell a story without overwhelming your audience with too many pictures.

It's easy to do, and it turns ordinary pictures into special, memorable pieces, whether it’s a unique collage, a custom card, or an artistic print!

How to Put Two Pictures Together on iPhone Without an AppHow to Combine Photos on iPhone: Shortcut & App Guide Image3

Did you know that you can merge two photos on your iPhone without downloading any new apps? It's easier than you might think! Let's explore how to put images together on an iPhone using just the features already on your phone.

Merging Photos Directly on iPhone Settings and Options

1. Using Live Photos for a Mini Collage

If you have Live Photos that were taken one after the other, your iPhone can blend these moments together. Just find your Live Photos in the Photos app. When you press and hold the image, you'll see the movement that captures a bit more of your story.

2. Screenshot Method for a Quick Merge

Open the two pictures you want to combine in your Photos app. Arrange them side by side on your iPhone screen. Then, take a screenshot of this arrangement. Now, you can crop the screenshot to focus on just the combined images. This is a simple way to put two pictures together without any fancy tools.

3. Edit with Markup for a Personal Touch

After you've taken your screenshot, tap 'Edit' on the picture and then select Markup. In Markup, you can add drawings, text, or shapes. This is great for adding captions, dates, or just a bit of fun artwork to your merged photos.

These simple methods show how to merge pictures on an iPhone using the built-in features you already have. It’s all about being a bit creative with the tools at hand!

Combining Photos on iPhone Using ShortcutsHow to Combine Photos on iPhone: Shortcut & App Guide Image4

The Shortcuts app on your iPhone offers a seamless and precise way to automate picture combining, providing more customization than standard editing options. Let’s explore how you can use the Shortcuts app to effortlessly combine photos on your iPhone.

How to Merge Two Photos on iPhone with Shortcuts

  1. Open Shortcuts App: Find and open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

  2. Create a New Shortcut: Tap the '+' icon at the top right to create a new shortcut. Then select 'Add Action.'

  3. Choose Images: Search for 'Select Photos' and add it. Turn on 'Select Multiple' to pick more than one picture.

  4. Combine Images: Add the 'Combine Images' action. Choose how to arrange your pictures (side by side, one above the other, or in a grid) and adjust the spacing if needed.

  5. Save the Photo: Include the 'Save to Photo Album' action to save your combined image.

  6. Run the Shortcut: Tap the shortcut to run it, select your pictures when prompted, and the app will combine them for you. Check your Photos app to see the result.

Best Third-Party Solutions for Combining Photos on iPhoneHow to Combine Photos on iPhone: Shortcut & App Guide Image5

Third-party apps can enhance the way you merge pictures on your iPhone, offering more features, filters, and controls than the native features and Shortcuts app. They're great for getting creative with your images.

Let's look at some of the best apps for combining pictures on your iPhone!

8 Noteworthy Apps to Combine Pictures on iPhone

  1. Adobe Photoshop Mix: Known for its powerful editing tools, Photoshop Mix lets you combine images with ease, offering advanced features like layering and blending.

  2. PicCollage: Ideal for creating fun and vibrant collages, PicCollage offers a variety of templates and stickers to spice up your pictures.

  3. Canva: More than just a graphic design tool, Canva allows you to merge photos creatively and add text, making it perfect for social media posts.

  4. Diptic: Diptic is known for its sleek collage layouts and easy-to-use interface, making it a favorite for quick image-merging tasks.

  5. Layout from Instagram: Created by Instagram, Layout is a straightforward app that lets you create photo collages quickly and share them easily on social media.

  6. PicsArt Photo & Video Editor: Offering a wide range of editing tools, PicsArt makes it fun and easy to combine pictures with filters, effects, and artistic touches.

  7. Fused: Fused is unique for its ability to blend images and videos together, offering a new realm of creativity for your image merging.

  8. Moldiv: Moldiv stands out with its professional editing tools, diverse collage options, and magazine-style layouts.

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    Quick Tips for Combining Photos on Your iPhoneHow to Combine Photos on iPhone: Shortcut & App Guide Image7

    Mixing images on your iPhone can be really fun. Here are some easy ways to do it, whether you want to put pictures side by side or make one big photo from a few different ones.

    How to Stitch Photos Together on iPhone

    Stitching photos together on your iPhone is a simple way to create a single, larger image from several smaller ones. You can start by using the Panorama mode in your Camera app, which is ideal for capturing wide, expansive scenes. Just follow the on-screen prompts to shoot your panorama.

    When combining pictures manually, it's important to ensure that each photo slightly overlaps with the next, as this overlap helps the images blend together more naturally. To get the best results, try to keep your phone as steady as possible when taking each shot; using a tripod can be a big help here.

    Additionally, there are several free apps available, such as Photoshop Mix, that can assist you in aligning and merging your images effectively!

    How to Combine 2 Photos on iPhone Free

    Combining pictures on your iPhone can be fun and easy with these free apps. Let’s look at some of the best ones and how you can start using them:

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    1. Canva

    • What It Does: Canva has lots of designs for image combining and adding text.

    • How to Use It: Open the app, choose a layout or template, and then upload your pictures. You can drag and drop them into the design.

    • Who Should Use It: Great for making social media posts or creative images with text.

    2. Adobe Photoshop Express

      • What It Does: This app offers detailed editing like layering and blending.

      • How to Use It: After opening the app, select your pictures and use the editing tools to combine them. Play around with the blend options for different effects.

      • Who Should Use It: Good for those who enjoy advanced photo editing.

      3. PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

        • What It Does: It lets you merge images and add effects, filters, and stickers.

        • How to Use It: Choose the ‘Collage’ feature, select your pictures, and then customize with the various artistic tools.

        • Who Should Use It: Perfect for getting creative with your photos.

        4. Layout from Instagram

          • What It Does: A straightforward collage-making app.

          • How to Use It: Open Layout, pick the photos you want, and then choose a collage style. You can rearrange the pictures as you like.

          • Who Should Use It: Great for quick, easy collages for social media.

          5. Snapseed

            • What It Does: Advanced photo editing with a ‘Double Exposure’ feature.

            • How to Use It: Open Snapseed, select your first image, then use the ‘Double Exposure’ tool to add and adjust the second photo.

            • Who Should Use It: Ideal for those interested in more professional editing.

            6. Fotor

              • What It Does: Simple drag-and-drop collage maker.

              • How to Use It: In Fotor, pick a collage template, then drag your pictures into the spaces. You can adjust and resize as needed.

              • Who Should Use It: Good for quick and easy photo combining.

              Whether you're creating a collage, a complex artistic piece, or just having fun, these apps make it easy to combine your photos into one image. Try them out and see which one works best for your creative ideas! 

              And if you're eager to enhance your iPhone photography skills, be sure to check out our post on "Top iPhone Photography Tips for Better Photos in 2023," where we talk about more advanced techniques and ideas to elevate your iPhone photography game!

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              Bottom Line

              In conclusion, combining photos on your iPhone, whether for fun, creative expression, or sharing memories, is easy and versatile. From using native iPhone features and the Shortcuts app for basic merging to exploring third-party apps like Canva and Adobe Photoshop Express for more advanced editing, there's a method for every need.

              With this guide, you're equipped to start creating unique image combinations, enhancing the way you capture and share life's moments.

              So dive in and enjoy the creative journey of photo combining on your iPhone!


              Can You Combine Photos on an iPhone?

              Yes, you can combine photos on your iPhone. You can do this using the iPhone's native features like the Photos app and Shortcuts or by using various third-party apps available for more creative options.

              How to Combine Photos on an iPhone Without an App?

              To combine photos on your iPhone without downloading an app, you can use features like the screenshot method or the Markup tool in the Photos app. Another option is to create a custom shortcut in the Shortcuts app to merge images.

              How to Combine Multiple Photos Into One on iPhone?

              To combine multiple photos into one on your iPhone, you can use the Panorama mode for a wide-angle photo, the Shortcuts app for a customized merge, or third-party apps like Canva or Adobe Photoshop Express, which offer collage-making and more advanced photo-editing features.

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