How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear

12 min. to read

You can easily take sharp and clean images if you know how make blurry pictures clean.
How to Edit Photos

12 min. to read

A lot of people edit photos every day. Find out what are the most effective ways to enhance photos.
How to Resize an Image

11 min. to read

Learn how to resize an image with this quick and easy guide. You’ll be resizing photos like a pro in no time.
How to Make Money with Photography in 2023

15 min. to read

Taking great pictures is one thing, but making money with photography - is another.
How to Create an Old Paper Texture in Photoshop

14 min. to read

If you don't know how to make vintage paper in Photoshop from scratch, then check this tutorial. Follow these steps and create an amazing old paper texture in Photoshop.
How to Become a Travel Photographer

13 min. to read

Travelling can be twice as fun if it helps you earn money - and that's what travel photographers do.
How to do a side-by-side photo with iPhone & Android

14 min. to read

Greetings, dear readers! When it comes to photo manipulation in this blog, I usually talk about complex operations like creating seamless collages, moving or recoloring objects, etc. But there is not always a need to do something complicated, right?
How to remove glare from a photo

17 min. to read

In some photos, the glare is part of the idea and looks beautiful. In others, it gets in the way, and sometimes even spoils the picture.

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