How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop and Luminar Neo for Mac

16 min. to read

Clone stamp is an essential image editing tool, which is effective for a wide set of tasks. Explore how to use the Clone stamp on Photoshop and Clone in Luminar Neo if you want to avoid unwanted patterns or propagate some.
How to Edit Your Photos in a New Way with Artificial Intelligence

3 min. to read

Quickly replace the sky with the power of AI, make incredible portraits with intelligent sliders, and much more.
How to Restore Old Photos in Photoshop and Luminar

19 min. to read

Restoring an old photos is not an obvious task and depends on the condition of the original.
How to use color replacement tool: Photoshop tutorial 2024

15 min. to read

Did you know that there are several ways to swap colors in Photoshop? Color replacement tool is the name of a particular tool; however, there are others we can use. Let's study them one by one.
How to Make Money with Photography in 2024

15 min. to read

Taking great pictures is one thing, but making money with photography - is another.
Posting Multiple Photos on Instagram: The Guide 2024

15 min. to read

Can you still post multiple pics on Instagram in 2024? Yep!
How to Photograph Lightning

28 min. to read

Photos of lightning are stunning, but it's extremely important to remember this set of rules. Learn how to take lightning photos safely and well, even on an iPhone camera, without resorting to expensive equipment. We've prepared a quick guide for you on professionally capturing with lenses at home or outdoors.
How Much Does a Photographer Make in 2024

23 min. to read

The profession of the photographer is well known since their work is always visible. Photography is a growing field, and more and more people are choosing it as a career now. It is being taught in schools as a subject and has great scope in the future.

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