Posting Multiple Photos on Instagram: The Guide 2024

15 min. to read

Can you still post multiple pics on Instagram in 2024? Yep!
How to Photograph Lightning

28 min. to read

Photos of lightning are stunning, but it's extremely important to remember this set of rules. Learn how to take lightning photos safely and well, even on an iPhone camera, without resorting to expensive equipment. We've prepared a quick guide for you on professionally capturing with lenses at home or outdoors.
How Much Does a Photographer Make in 2024

23 min. to read

The profession of the photographer is well known since their work is always visible. Photography is a growing field, and more and more people are choosing it as a career now. It is being taught in schools as a subject and has great scope in the future.
How to Remove Glare From Photo: Detailed Guide

23 min. to read

In some photos, the glare is part of the idea and looks beautiful. In others, it gets in the way, and sometimes even spoils the picture.
How To Use Luminar Neo: A Complete Guide

11 min. to read

What is Luminar software? Luminar Neo is a photo editing software that you can use with Lightroom and Photoshop, and it is very popular for its AI features. After downloading this software, open it up, go into Lightroom, and right-click to edit. A very similar thing is possible in Photoshop.
How To Edit Newborn Photos Using Luminar Neo

11 min. to read

Newborn photos are not just pictures; they are a timeless testament to the first days of a new life, moments that parents will cherish forever. It is a sub-genre of storytelling photography that takes a special place in the hearts of many photo enthusiasts, as it carries an important mission of accompanying the arrival of a new life to this world.
How To Edit Photos For Skin Retouching | Adjustments You Need To Know in Luminar Neo

11 min. to read

Have you ever snapped a stunning portrait only to notice imperfections later that take away from the photo's magic? Whether it's an unexpected blemish, uneven skin tones, or just a desire to bring out your subject's natural glow, mastering how to edit skin can be the game-changer you need!
How to Edit Night Photos in Luminar Neo

14 min. to read

Night photos can be magical. But let's be honest; they can also turn out grainy or dull. Ever wondered how to make them pop?

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