How To Photograph Snowflakes?

11 min. to read

Welcome to the world of snowflake photography! Have you ever looked closely at a snowflake and wanted to capture its beauty with a camera?
How to Edit Soft BROWN TONES for Portrait Photography in Luminar AI

11 min. to read

Portrait photography is a specific genre of photographic art where more is needed to depict what (or who) is in front of you. No matter whether it is a professional model demonstrating a new sports suit for commercial purposes or a citizen of a tiny village in Cambogia, which you want to describe in your travel blog — portraits tell stories and encourage some feedback from the audience. But how to tell a story without saying a word?
How To Make A Picture Bigger in Different Software: Make Image Larger Easily

12 min. to read

It's easy to reduce the size of the image, but if becomes tricky if you want to make it bigger.
How to Take the Background Out of a Picture

12 min. to read

There are a lot of solutions for removing the background of the image. Of course, we will provide you with the easiest and most effective way to do this, as well as some helpful tips on the subject. So today you will learn how to get rid of the background of a picture quickly and easily.
How to Create Awesome Tumblr Pictures

7 min. to read

Tumblr photos are usually created in fresh, creative, non-academical way.
How to Edit Photos

12 min. to read

A lot of people edit photos every day. Find out what are the most effective ways to enhance photos.
How to Face Swap in Photoshop

14 min. to read

Learn the best methods to do a headswap or face swap in Photoshop and why Luminar might be a better editor for the job.
How to Combine Pictures for Several Different Effects

23 min. to read

Combining different pictures can lead to many interesting and unique looks.

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