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  • How to add a custom object on the sky in Luminar 4?

    1. Navigate to the Creative Tab (a palette icon) 

    FAQ: Luminar for Mac | Skylum

    2. Choose AI Augmented Sky tool > Object Selection

    FAQ: Luminar for Mac | Skylum (2)

    3. Scroll down the list of the pre-installed objects > Load Custom Image

    FAQ: Luminar for Mac | Skylum (3)

    4. A dialog window will open where you'll need to choose your own image. 

    FAQ: Luminar for Mac | Skylum (4)

    5. Confirm the selection and enjoy the tool!

    IMPORTANT: AI Augmented Sky will work with your own objects if they are in PNG format with the Alpha channel or JPG format with a fully black background.

  • Luminar 4 does not launch on my Windows PC. What can be causing the issue?

    Please check if your computer meets the requirements. 

    In case your computer does meet the technical requirements, please check if your Windows user name contains any non-Latin letters or other special symbols. If it does, please create a new user with only Latin letters in the name and launch Luminar 4 from this user. 

    Please make sure to give the new user administrator privileges.

  • How to activate Luminar 4?

    If you're on Mac, in the top bar menu go to Luminar 4 > Activate and enter the email address and your activation key (from your activation email) to complete installation and registration.

    If you're on Windows,  click + to open one photo or folder for editing.
    To complete registration, go to File > Activate and enter the email address and your activation key (from your activation email) to complete installation and registration.

  • Does it handle RAW files?

    Luminar 4 RAW processing is based on our own powerful RAW engine. We regularly update our library and make our own improvements to provide perfect support for new cameras. You can check the full list of supported cameras here.

  • Quali sono i requisiti di sistema per Luminar 4?

    Per Mac:

    • MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini
    • Processore Intel 64-bit Core 2 Duo o superiore
    • Mac di inizio 2010 o più recente
    • Memoria 8 Gb RAM o superiore
    • macOS Mojave 10.14, High Sierra 10.13.1, Sierra 10.12.6. IMPORTANTE: Mac OS 10.11 non è supportato su Luminar 4. 
    • Hard disk 10 GB di spazio libero, SSD per prestazioni migliori
    • Dimensione display 1280x768 o superiore

    Per Windows:

    • PC con Windows e mouse o strumento di input analogo
    • Schede grafiche compatibili con Open GL 3.3 o successivo
    • Processore Intel Core i5 o superiore
    • Memoria 8 Gb RAM o superiore
    • Sistema operativo Windows 7 (solo a 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (solo a 64-bit), Windows 10 (solo a 64-bit)
    • Hard disk 10 Gb di spazio libero, SSD per prestazioni migliori
    • Dimensione display 1280x768 o superiore
  • What about the DAM features in Luminar 3/4?

    We at Skylum firmly believe that each problem can be solved in a faster and simpler way. That is why we made innovation our number one priority. Our goal is to make something much bigger than just another photo editor. To bring unique solutions to the most challenging problems creative storytellers face.When we launched Luminar 3, we were thinking differently about the matter: we said that our goal was to develop a great Lightroom alternative. Therefore some people have purchased Luminar as a subscription-free alternative to Adobe products. We quickly understood that we’re not in love with that mission statement. Moreover, that idea to make a subscription-free Lr alternative has no value for most artists around the world. The world doesn’t need a cheap Lightroom clone (there are already several companies who make those).There are many photo editing tools out there that look the same, offer the same features (including IPTC & EXIF), and create the same problems. Traditional photo editors take a lot of time, with several manual and repetitive tasks.For several years we’ve been analyzing the market, in-app analytics, and the interviews with our artists, and we see that people prefer our state-of-the-art editing tools. They like features that bring new creative value and speed up their workflow. This involves not only creating cutting-edge AI-powered tools but revolutionizing the traditional editing workflow as such. This is what we’re focused on right now.We’d like to bring the same philosophy to the organization of photos as well. Skylum wants to make library enhancements as efficient as possible and do it in a ground-breaking way. Therefore, currently, we’re researching the ways to make these traditional features work smarter.Meantime, we want customers to get Luminar not for the things that already exist in other editors, but for something that others don’t have to offer. Our goal with Luminar 4 was to make photo editing easier by using enhanced tools. Luminar 4 offers great value for customers who use it daily without IPTC or EXIF. It is well worth the money for the simplicity and innovation it brings.

  • Luminar 4 non compare nel mio account Skylum

    Ti preghiamo di notare che la sezione “Il mio software” mostra le app che sono già state attivate.

    Una volta che Luminar 4 verrà rilasciato e attivato con la tua licenza, l'app comparirà nel tuo account Skylum.

  • Utilizzo Luminar come plugin/estensione. Cosa posso attendermi?

    Luminar 4 è un upgrade sensazionale anche per chi usa Luminar con software Adobe e Apple.

    È un upgrade per gli utenti di Luminar Flex e per le vecchie versioni del plugin di Luminar. Nuovi filtri alimentati da IA sbloccheranno flussi di lavoro utili e creativi e che consentono di risparmiare tempo.

    Luminar 4 funzionerà come plugin per:

    • Adobe Photoshop (macOS e Windows)
    • Adobe Lightroom Classic (macOS e Windows)
    • Adobe Photoshop Elements (macOS e Windows)
    • Foto per macOS 
    • Apple Aperture (attenzione: Aperture non potrà più essere eseguito su macOS 10.15 o successivo)

  • Potrò utilizzare le mie foto per sostituire il cielo su Luminar 4?

    Potrai utilizzare le tue immagini di cielo su Luminar 4. Comunque, queste foto dovranno seguire certi requisiti particolari che verranno annunciati a breve. 

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