How to Edit Your Photos in a New Way with Artificial Intelligence

November 24

2 min. to read

Quickly replace the sky with the power of AI, make incredible portraits with intelligent sliders, and much more.

In this video, you'll discover some of the main features of Luminar 4 to help you quickly edit images with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

You'll learn:

  • Luminar 4 was designed to make image editing enjoyable and fun
  • Edit Tab is where the magic happens. A good place to start is the Essential Looks collection. One-click and the image instantly look better thanks to AI Accent, AI Structure, and other filters
  • AI Sky Replacement is a unique tool that brings the fastest and the easiest way to change the sky on photos
  • AI Skin Enhancer’s unique human-aware technology detects all skin, not just on faces, and automatically removes blemishes and makes the skin look realistically smooth. All without manually masking
  • AI Portrait Enhancer has twelve tools for absolute precision and control. By adjusting a few sliders, you can add fill light to a subject’s face, enhance eyes and you can even slightly slim a face to correct or lens distortion or for a more pleasing portrait with no complicated masking
  • All changes created using Lumianr are non-destructive, your original images haven’t changed. Images need to be exported to apply the changes to share on social media, printed or used in other applications

New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...