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Starry Night is a pack of 10 Presets for Luminar Neo made by the nightscape photographer David Maimó. Using these Presets is an easy way to adjust your nightscape photos with one click. Edit photos containing the Milky Way, the moon, auroras, star trails and other types of night photography fast and easy.


Luminar AI, Luminar NEO

Obtenha fotos como estas

Using RAW files you will easily practice retouching tips and learn how to get photos like these.

© David Maimo
Starry Night Presets(40)
Starry Night Presets(41)>
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© David Maimo
Starry Night Presets(42)
Starry Night Presets(43)>
Antes Depois
© David Maimo
Starry Night Presets(44)
Starry Night Presets(45)>
Antes Depois
Starry Night Presets(46)
Starry Night Presets(47)>
Antes Depois
Starry Night Presets(48)
Starry Night Presets(49)>
Antes Depois
© David Maimo
Starry Night Presets(50)
Starry Night Presets(51)>
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The story

© David Maimo

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David Maimó

Nightscape and Landscape Photographer. Skylum Ambassador.

Born in Mallorca, Spain, David Maimó is a photographer specializing in capturing the nightscape, David tries to show the night photography differently.

He is an OM System, Vanguard, Laowa and MSM Rotator ambassador. He teaches night photography courses, sharing his knowledge and passion for photography.

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