Chapter 10: Using an Adjustment Layer

Luminar Flex offers a special type of layer that makes it easy to precisely edit your photos.  Any filter or filters in Luminar Flex can be applied to an Adjustment Layer. This is a really flexible way to work with your photos as it means you can easily control advanced options for filters such as their application order, opacity, or blending modes.  Adjustment layers give you the most flexibility when editing a photo.

Here’s how to work with Adjustment Layers.

  1. If hidden, open the Layers panel.

  2. At the top of the Filters section click the + button.

  3. Choose the item Add New Adjustment Layer.

  4. From the Add Filters list, choose a filter to attach to the adjustment layer.
 Alternatively you can apply a Workspace to an adjustment layer.

  5. To make things easier, be sure to give the new adjustment layer a descriptive name.

  6. Adjust the filter’s results to taste.

  7. Use advanced controls to refine the look of the filter such as the layer’s blending mode and opacity settings.

  8. Continue to add additional effects as needed to their own adjustment layers.

  9. You can turn layers on or off by clicking on visibility icon (eye).  

  10. You can also drag adjustment layers up or down in the layer stack to generate new effects.

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