Chapter 7: Saving a Custom Workspace

Once you’re familiar with Luminar Flex, you may find that there are certain filters you prefer working with. You can easily adapt a Workspace to match just your needs.

  1. To start, click the Workspaces drop-down menu and choose Clear.

  2. Click the Add Filter button to browse all available Filters.  You can scroll through the list or click on a category to narrow your search.

  3. Continue adding Filters to the Workspace that you’d like to use.

  4. When satisfied, click the Workspace pop-up menu and choose Save As New Workspace….

  1. A dialog will pop-up at the top of the window asking you to name your Workspace. Give it a descriptive name to help you remember which situations to use the Workspace.

Removing a Custom Workspace

To Remove a custom workspace, click on the small ‘x’ to the right of the custom Workspace’s name in the Workspaces drop-down menu. 

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