Chapter 7: Changing Workspaces

Switching between Workspaces is easy, just click the Workspace drop-down menu at the top of the Filters controls. You’ll find eight preset Workspaces to make things easier.

  • Clear Workspace. Removes any Filters from the image as a blank starting point.

  • Image Aware. Uses the speed of the AI filters for selective adjustments.  Also offers control for Saturation, Vibrance, and Clarity and more!  A good Workspace for quick edits.

  • Relight & Color. A general set of recommended filters for adjusting light and color in your images.

  • Intensify. Filters that will help bring out the details and contrast in the shadows and highlights in an image.

  • Drone & Aerial. Designed for making drone photos look their best.  Easily overcome the challenge of small sensors and vibration to get crispy and colorful photos.

  • Film Lab. Suggested filters that will help you create the look of analog film with Matte Look, LUT Mapping and Texture Overlay to name a few.

  • Black & White. A set of controls well-suited for black and white conversion and contrast.

  • Portrait. A collection of filters well-suited to adjusting portraits of people.

  • Expert.  A robust set of filters for imaging professionals who want greater control over exposure, color, and details.

Image Aware Workspace

  • One of the most popular Workspaces is the Image Aware Workspace. The Image Aware Workspace is a great way to develop images. This is especially true if you are in a hurry or don’t want to be bothered with lots of sliders.

    1. To switch between workspaces is easy, just click the Workspace drop-down menu at the top of the Filters controls.

    2. From the pop-up list, you’ll find Image Aware.

    3. Adjust the Accent AI Filter to quickly correct several image problems.

    4. If your photo has a sky, the AI Sky Enhancer can likely improve it

    5. Refine the intensity of the color in your image with the Saturation/Vibrance controls.

    6. The  Advanced Contrast adds contrast selectively to a photo for increased definition.

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