Chapter 4: Using Luminar Flex with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Images in Adobe Lightroom Classic (or Lightroom 6) can be easily handed off for editing in Luminar Flex. To exchange a file from Lightroom Classic to Luminar Flex, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic is open.

  2. Choose your image(s) in Lightroom Classic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    from the Library or Develop modules that you want to work on with Luminar Plugin.

  3. Choose Photo > Edit In > Luminar Flex... or right-click on the Image and select Edit In > Luminar Flex...

    (You can also choose to open an image by choosing from Lightroom File > Plugin Extras > Transfer to Luminar Flex)

  4. A new dialog opens.  Depending upon the type of file selected you’ll need to make a choice.

  • Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments.  This is the default action for Raw files or images that have been edited.  Any adjustments made in Lightroom can be applied to a high-quality TIFF.

  • Edit a Copy. This option takes the original photo and makes a duplicate high-quality file for editing.  This option works well for non-Raw files or if you want to reset a Raw file to no adjustments before editing.

  • Edit Original.  The original file is opened directly in Luminar Flex.  This workflow will overwrite your original file and isn’t recommended for most users.

5. Click Edit to send the file to Luminar Flex. A new file is added to your Library and stacked with the original in your Library.
6. Make any edits or adjustments as needed in Luminar Flex. Use Luminar Looks or Workspaces to speed up your editing workflow.
7. When done, click the Apply button to send the adjusted image back to Lightroom.



You can also transfer RAW files directly to Luminar Flex to take advantage of Luminar Flex’s RAW Develop Preset. Choose File> Plug-in Extras> Transfer to Luminar Flex...


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