Chapter 7: Setting a Default Workspace

If you’ve created a Custom Workspace that you want to use most often (or like a built-in Workspace), you can easily set it as the new default.

  1. Choose a Workspace that you’ve created or one of the built-in Luminar Looks.

  2. Click the Workspace pop-up menu and choose Set as Default.  The next image you open (and all after that) will use this new Workspace.

  3. Use the new default Workspace

Installing and Sharing a Workspace

LuminarFlex makes it easy to share Workspaces that you have created and install Workspaces created by others. 

To locate your custom Workspaces folder on your computer, choose File > Show Workspaces Folder. Inside this folder are .lmsw files. These are your custom workspaces.  

You can email these to friends and coworkers, save them to a flash drive as backups, or just move them out of the folder to a new location to save for later use. Removing a .lmsw file from this folder will remove it from the application, so you may want to copy it instead of moving.  

To install a custom workspace, simply drop the new .lmsw file into the workspaces folder.



You can download additional Workspaces to inspire you from the Luminar Marketplace


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