Chapter 4: Installing and Using Luminar Flex with Host Applications

The Luminar Flex can be installed in the following host applications.

  • Photoshop (Windows & macOS)

  • Lightroom Classic (Windows & macOS)

  • Photoshop Elements (Windows & macOS)

  • Photos for macOS

  • Apple Aperture

Whether you received the Luminar Flex as part of a free update or purchased it from our Skylum website, you’ll need to download and install the software. Installing and activating is easy, just follow these steps.

  1. Click the download link in your activation email (sent after purchase).

  2. Locate the installer in your Downloads folder. You may need to unzip the installer before running it.

  3. Be sure to close out of any opened programs. Double-click (for Mac) or LuminarFlex_Setup.exe (for Windows) to launch the installer application and begin the installation process.

  4. You may need to grant the installer permission to proceed. Review and agree to the License Agreement.

  5. You can change the destination to install the Luminar Flex or accept the recommended default location. Ensure ‘Install as a plugin’ is checked and click the Install button to start the installer, then follow along with the onscreen installation guide.

  6. Once installed, enter your email address and select whether to opt in or out to receive photography editing tips, insights, inspiration stories, product updates, discounts and more via email from the Skylum team. Click the Finish button to complete the installation.

  7. To use the Luminar Flex as a plugin, launch a host application (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or Photoshop Elements) and open an image. Look below on how to access Luminar Flex from a specific Host Application.

  8. Click the Activate button to enter the email address you used when purchasing the software and your activation key to activate and register your product. The application is now ready to use.

If you ever lose your activation key, you’ll be able to provide our support team with your email address and they can restore the activation code for you. You can also look up your products and keys at

If the plugin doesn’t appear in a Host Application, an alternative is to open the Luminar Flex Application and choose File > Install Plugins then select the host application. This program is used to install or remove the Luminar Flex from Host Applications and to install additional Luminar Looks. Follow the previous steps to activate, register and use the plugin. In a rare event help is still required, visit

For best results, quit the host application (such as Photoshop) before you install a plugin. You may be prompted to input your Administrator password to complete the installation.

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