December 15 2020

Luminar AI reinvents the photo editing experience for creative artists

The new AI-centric tools help drive a refined workflow, offering creatives the solutions they need without the manual, tedious tasks often required.

NEW YORK, NY - December 15, 2020 — Skylum is excited to announce that LuminarAI, the revolutionary new photo editing program for creatives of all levels, will ship December 15, 2020. LuminarAI features several AI-powered technologies that help to automate processes, without getting rid of the special touch that only a person can deliver.

Offering an alternative to the approach that traditional photo editors present, LuminarAI gives creatives a workflow driven by artificial intelligence. This provides ease of use and no learning curve for artists, meaning that manual, tedious tasks are a thing of the past.

“Our approach to AI lines up with that of the best minds in the field. What differentiates Skylum is our human-centric application of this incredibly powerful technology. In my experience, only 30% of our time is actually spent being creative,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum. “LuminarAI uses artificial intelligence to flip those metrics. We created LuminarAI so people can focus on the outcomes and photos, and not worry so much about the editing process.”

A refined workflow to help creatives get to the finish line
A new Templates system automatically scans each photo for subject and problem areas, and then recommends Templates that challenge an artist’s creativity, while also helping them achieve common tasks. Artists can then choose to utilize a Template, tweak it for a custom look or skip the Template process altogether and edit manually.

Throughout the editing process, LuminarAI intelligently knows where to apply each effect, letting artists enhance images without tedious, manual work. Creatives of all types — photographers, designers, communicators and digital artists — can benefit from what LuminarAI has to offer.

“The built-in AI assistant in Templates sees the relationships between all of the elements in a photo, thanks to 3D depth mapping. Templates are designed with the help of many incredibly well-respected photographers and photo editors, to achieve very specific edits and enhancements to individual components of an image,” said Dima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum. “In less than two minutes, creators can go from an unprocessed image to 10 or more richly rendered starting points from which to build upon.”

AI tools to help artists realize their creative ambitions
All of the AI-driven tools were heavily researched and developed by Skylum. The company also worked closely with several professional photographers to make sure the product fits everyone’s needs.

“I love using Luminar for certain powerful features that would otherwise take me so much longer to achieve,” said landscape photographer Albert Dros. “The new tools in LuminarAI allow me to add atmosphere in subtle ways in just a few clicks. Tools like Supercontrast let me control the contrast in my images, while LuminarAI’s color tools let me easily adjust colors very quickly.”

Built for beginners and pros alike, LuminarAI offers something for everyone. Portrait tools like BodyAI let creatives mold a subject’s body, increasing or reducing volume in a realistic way. Eyes can become transformed with IrisAI, allowing artists to change the color of an iris or add a twinkling light. FaceAI and SkinAI put the emphasis on fine-tuning the details of a subject’s face, while also offering options to reduce blemishes and shine.

On the landscape side, SkyAI lets artists reinvent their skies like never before, automatically recognizing the sky in an image and offering various replacement tweaks to make for a truly memorable photograph. AtmosphereAI allows artists to add realistic effects like fog, mist and haze, while automatically recognizing other elements to the image.

All images can take advantage of LuminarAI’s AccentAI tool, intelligently enhancing photographs with the help of AI. Finally, CompositionAI will help artists achieve the perfect crop for their image, suggesting the best framing based on the golden rules of photo composition, like the rule of thirds.

LuminarAI is available as both a standalone application, plugin for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, as well as an extension for Apple Photos. It will ship beginning December 15, 2020, and is available for preorder. For more information, visit

About Skylum Software
Skylum is a global imaging technology company focused on creating tools that make it easier for creatives to get things done. Skylum’s Luminar platform unleashes creativity through the innovative use of automated and intelligent image processing which still allows the artist complete control over the final product. Skylum has won the Red Dot Award, Apple’s Best of Year, “Best Imaging Software” by TIPA and EISA as well as several other top industry awards. To learn more about Skylum, visit


Luminar AI reinvents the photo editing experience for creative artists

Anastasia Sliusarenko

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