Chapter 17: Masking Options

Here are some extra techniques you can use when masking a layer or adjustment layer.

  • While masking or erasing, right-clicking the mouse causes a context window of parameter settings of the brush, and includes additional controls for pen pressure sensitivity.
  • For handy reference, in the Layers panel on the upper right side of the Side Panel, you’ll see a thumbnail image of the current mask.
  • To quickly switch between Paint and Erase modes, use a shortcut key X.
  • To quickly change the Diameter of the brush, use the shortcut keys [ and ]. This is very convenient and greatly speeds up brush work.
  • To quickly change the Softness of the brush, use the shortcut keys Shift + [ and Shift + ].
  • If you hold down the space bar in Painting mode you can switch to Move the image mode.  This is very convenient when zoomed in for detailed brush strokes.

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