Chapter 16: Using Layers

 To make sure Layers are visible, do the following.

  1. Open the Edit View. You can press D key to quickly switch to the Edit view. If you are in the Edit view and the side panel is not visible, the Tab key will unhide it.
  2. If Layers still aren’t seen, click the Layers button in the sidebar to view Layers. You can also Hide/Show Layers under the View menu. 
  3. Review the Layers panel. When you first open an image, it’s named with the original name of the file.  

This base layer can have filters applied directly to it or you can add more layers above.  Each new layer uses the previous layer below as its starting point. In other words, each layer imposes the result of its processing on the previous layer.

  1. To add another layer, click the + button at the top of the Layers controls.  You can either add an Adjustment layer or an Image layer.

Chapter 16: Using Layers

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