Chapter 15: Using Third-Party Filters (MacOS)

If you own additional Photoshop style plugins, those can be used with Luminar 3.  This includes plugins such as Aurora HDR, Photolemur 3, and many third party plugins.  When Luminar is installed, it will attempt to locate any third-party Photoshop plugins installed on your system.  

To use a plugin:

  1. Select an image.
  2. From the menu bar select Edit > Plugins > and select a plugin.
    • You can choose from Skylum plugins
    • You can choose autodetected plugins installed on your system
    • You can choose Plugins > Other to navigate directly to an installed plugin to open it.
  3. The image is opened up in the plugin.
  4. You can now make any desired edits.
  5. Click OK or Apply in the plugin to render its result and return the image as a new layer in Luminar 3.

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