Chapter 16: Adding a Watermark or Logo

A logo or watermark is an excellent way to brand an image before you post it to the Internet or make a print. You can use the Add Image command to place a watermark or logo above a photo. Let’s learn how you can load a photograph or scan of a signature.  In this example, the image is black text on a white background.

  1. Click the + symbol at the top of the Layers panel and choose Add New Image Layer…
  2. Navigate to a logo or watermark on your hard drive and click the Open button to add the file to your document.  The layer is automatically named with the filename of the selected file.
  3. To scale the texture, right-click on its thumbnail and choose Texture Mapping.
  4. To prevent unwanted distortion of the watermark or logo, choose Fit. 

    Chapter 16: Adding a Watermark or Logo

    5. Let’s turn the logo to white text over a black background.  We’ll do this by applying a Curves filter to the logo layer.
    6. Invert the curve by reversing the white and black points.

    Chapter 16: Adding a Watermark or Logo(2)

    7. To scale the watermark, click the Free Transform Tool or press Cmd + T.
    8. Click the Lock icon in the Info Bar to prevent unwanted distortion.

    Chapter 16: Adding a Watermark or Logo(3)

    9. Drag a corner handle to resize the logo.  Drag in the center to position.  Resize and position the logo to taste

    Chapter 16: Adding a Watermark or Logo(4)

    10. Click the Done button when satisfied to position the logo.
    11. You can also experiment with different blending modes to remove the background color.  For example, you can use screen to remove a black background and multiply to remove a white background.

Chapter 16: Adding a Watermark or Logo(5)

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