Chapter 8: Opening Luminar 2018 Files

Images that were edited in previous versions of Luminar and saved in the Luminar Project format are compatible with Luminar 3. The files must have used the native Luminar project format and the Windows compatible option for best results.

  • Native Luminar Files can be added within a folder
  • You can use the import command (currently Mac-only) to add a native Luminar file to your library.
  • Native files can be opened with the Quick Edit command into Luminar 3.  

You can treat these files as you would regular image files such as JPEG, TIFF, and Raw files.  The images will appear with all the previous edits applied. 

When you open a Luminar Project file in the Edit view, you will have access to all of the filters, layers, and transformations that you originally applied.  Even the edit history is imported.  Changes you make to an image from an opened project file are stored in the Luminar Library catalog, and the original project file is not modified.  

Luminar 3 does not allow saving of individual Luminar project.  Rather all of the edits are stored in your Luminar catalog.


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