Chapter 12: Revealing Original Images

There are times when you want to locate an original photo or your hard drive.  Perhaps to save or archive the original on another Drive or to send to someone.  Often, you just want to find another image that you shot at the same time, and that image is not in your Luminar Library. Luminar allows you to quickly located the original image files on your hard drive.

Show in Finder/Explorer

Single Image: 

Chapter 12: Revealing Original Images

  • To locate a single image on your hard drive. 
  • Select it and then right-click.
  • In the Popup Menu, choose Show in Explorer/Show in Finder, which will be located at the bottom of the list.
  • Luminar will reveal the file on your hard drive. 

If you select multiple images to reveal, Luminar will locate the first one selected.


Chapter 12: Revealing Original Images(2)

  • To locate a folder of images on your hard drive. 
  • Switch to the Library vide
  • Under the Folders section, in the right Side Panel select the folder or subfolder you wish to reveal.
  • Right-click on it.
  • In the Popup Menu, choose Show in Explorer/Show in Finder
  • Luminar will reveal the folder on your hard drive.

Note: If an image or folder resides on an external hard drive and that hard drive is offline, the reveal in Finder option will not be available. Additionally, Albums and Shortcuts do not have this as an option as they are virtual collections.  Images located inside these of Albums and shortcuts can be revealed.

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