Chapter 12: Filtering Images

The Showing drop-down menu located to the left of Shortcuts allows you to filter your images by favorite, ratings, color and even edited. With hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of pictures, finding the best ones can be tricky. For instance, selecting show 4 Stars or More, lets you view only some of your best photos.

Combining Filtering, with Luminar’s Sort function and Shortcuts. Albums and Folders options, allows you to find exactly what you need in a few clicks.  An example might be Show 5 star images with from my Travel Album that I recently edited.  

Chapter 12: Filtering Images


You can filter the images you see to only ones that were flagged as favorites.  You can also view only Rejected images and images that are unmarked (images that were not tagged either Favorites or Rejected.)


Allows you to view your images by a certain number of stars and above.  For instance, maybe you only want to see your 4 and 5 star images to begin to edit. You can also view all the images that were not assigned a star rating.

Color Label

Allows you to view your images by color label and if no color label has been applied.  This is very useful if you assigned different colors to represent different actions or locations. For instance, any image labeled green might still need to be edited or labeled Blue could be ready to export or print.


Shows all images that have been edited.  When you want to quickly find all the photos that you have worked on, showing only Edited images makes easy work of finding the photos that you have already processed.

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