Chapter 7: Info View

The Info Bar provides basic information about a photo. When the Info View is activated, this information is  displayed from left to right, top to bottom:

Chapter 7: Info View

  • Filename. The name assigned to the file on your disk.
  • Capture Date and Time. When the image was captured by your camera or creates in the case of scanned files.
  • Resolution. The current resolution of the image in pixels.
  • File Size. How large the file is.
  • Camera Model. Which camera was used to capture the image.
  • White Balance. The white balance setting used by your camera to calibrate image color.
  • Lens. Which lens was used to make the photo/
  • Metering Mode. How did the camera evaluate the exposure in the scene.
  • ISO. The ISO of the image when captured.
  • Aperture. The ƒ-stop for the images.
  • Shutter Speed. How long did the camera’s shutter stay open.
  • Exposure Compensation. Was exposure compensation applied to influence the camera’s program mode?
  • Focal Length. The focal length for the lens used when shooting.

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