Chapter 19: Saving Adjustments & Exporting Files

When you edit an image in Luminar, all of the filters you apply, the adjustments you make to those filters, everything you do to an image is saved in the Luminar catalog.  When you export a final image, Luminar applies those adjustments to your photo, so they are ready to send to clients, upload to social media, or send for printing.

Saving Adjustments

When working with your photos in Luminar 3, there is no need to save any of your adjustments.  All of your flagging, ratings, and edits are stored automatically into the catalog database as you work.  So you don’t need to worry about saving all the time, and you can focus on being creative.

How the Luminar Catalog Captures Edits

When you work on an individual image, Luminar saves all of your edits for that image in its catalog as a .state file.  By saving the edit to a single image in its own .state file, if there is a problem with one image, it won’t corrupt the entire database. These edits are automatically captured as you work.

Viewing and Navigating a Files History

Luminar saves a history of every edit you perform on an image. This allows you unlimited undos, and you can even step through all of your previous edits by clicking on the history button, located at the top of the Edit side panel.  Even if you quit and reopen a catalog, all of your edits to each image are preserved.  

Chapter 19: Saving Adjustments & Exporting Files

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