Chapter 14: Customizing Luminar Looks

Remember, a Luminar Look is merely a starting point. Different photographers will desire different Luminar Looks.  Plus a Luminar Look may work great on some photos, but need a little tweaking for others.  Once you select a Luminar Look, you have the ability in the Side Panel to use Filter controls to modify that Luminar Look to fit your specific image needs.

Chapter 14: Customizing Luminar Looks

Saving Custom Luminar Looks

As you adjust Luminar Looks or build your own recipes from scratch, you may find a particular combination that you like.  Custom Luminar Looks can function as the jumping off point for your own look and style. A Luminar Look can store a lot of control in an easy, one-click effect.

  1. Adjust an existing Luminar Look or add your own effects to an image.
  2. Click the Save Luminar Look... button in the lower-right area of the Filters controls.
  3. A dialog will pop-up at the top of the window asking you to name your Luminar Look. Give it a descriptive name to help you remember which situations to use the Luminar Look.
  4. Click the Save button to store the Luminar Look. Once you've added the Luminar Look, it will appear in the User Luminar Looks group.

Chapter 14: Customizing Luminar Looks(2)

Modifying Custom Luminar Looks

There are additional features for user Luminar Looks that are not available for the built-in Luminar Looks. You must be viewing All Luminar Looks or the User Luminar Looks category to see these options.

To access this menu for a User Luminar Look, click the small triangle next to a Luminar Looks name while hovering over the Luminar Look’s thumbnail image.

  • Update with Current Settings. To overwrite or re-save the Luminar Look with the current state of the sliders in the Filters controls.
  • Delete. Deletes the current user Luminar Look.
  • Rename. Renames the current Luminar Look.
  • Show in Finder. Opens a Finder window for the currently selected Luminar Look file. This allows you to copy the Luminar Look and pass it on to someone else.    
  • Export. Saves the current Luminar Look file to a location of your choice.

Chapter 14: Customizing Luminar Looks(3)

Sharing a Custom Luminar Look

Any Luminar Looks you make can be shared with other users, manually backed up to a new location, or copied to a new computer.  You can freely export your own Luminar Looks and import another person’s Luminar Looks into your application.

  1. To view any Custom Luminar Looks simply chose File > Show Luminar Looks Folder….  Luminar Luminar Looks have the file extension .lmp.  
  2. Select the Luminar Looks you want to share, then send them to fellow Luminar users.
  3. To copy Luminar Looks on another machine, just choose File > Show Luminar Looks Folder… on the other computer.
  4. Simply drag the new Luminar Looks into your Luminar Looks Folder. All Luminar Looks in this folder appear in the Custom category and the All Luminar Looks category.
  5. For best results, restart Luminar to load all the new Luminar Looks.



You can take precise control over your Custom Luminar Looks with the Show Luminar Looks Folder… command.

  • To export, you can simply copy files from this folder.
  • To import, just copy the files into the new Luminar Looks folder.
  • To delete a Luminar Look, you can simply delete the Luminar Look file in the folder.


Adding a Custom Luminar Look Pack

Occasionally Skylum or other professional photographers will release a collection of Luminar Looks, called “Packs”. When you import a Custom Luminar Look Pack, it will create a new Category in the Luminar Looks category window, and display any associated Luminar Looks therein.

To add a Custom Luminar Look Collection, select the menu item File > Add Luminar Looks Collection... An open dialog will be displayed, allowing you to choose the Collection you wish to add.

Chapter 14: Customizing Luminar Looks(4)

You can also get more Luminar Looks from the Luminar Looks Collection panel  Just click the Get More Luminar Looks… button.

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