Chapter 10: Rating Images in the Library View

The easiest place to rate images is the Library View.  This is because you can compare images to each other.  In the Library View, there are many different options to rate your images either by using your mouse or with keyboard shortcuts.

In the Gallery View, you can flag and rate a photo directly on the image thumbnail.  When you hover your mouse over a thumbnail that is unmarked, a small outline of a heart and five stars appear along the bottom edge.  

To start:

  1. Click a Shortcut in the Library panel or choose a Folder, Subfolder, or Album for the images you want to work with.
  2. Press the G key to ensure you are in Gridview.
  3. Adjust the thumbnail size with the zoom controls so you can easily see image details.

Now you can apply ratings directly to the image.

  • Star Rating. You can apply a star rating by clicking on the hollow stars along the lower left edge of its thumbnail, You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts.
  • Flag an Image. Click the hollow heart in the lower right edge of each thumbnail,  The heart can be toggled on or off with each click to mark flagged or Unmarked.  
  • View  Color Label. You can also view color labels on the image thumbnail.  To change colors you will need to choose Image > Set Color Label. 

TIP: Using your mouse to rate images. If you right click on an image, a drop-down menu will appear.  At the top of the menu will be Set Flag, Set Rating, and Set Color Label. Once selected the type of rating, a second set of options will be available specific to that rating type, letting you flag or reject an image, rate it from 1 to 5 stars, or apply a color label.

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