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Gloomy Landscapes

Luminar Presets by Jabi Sanz

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Elevate your dark and moody landscape photography to a whole new level with this collection by Jabi Sanz — where each Preset is a brushstroke that paints a story, leaving a lasting impression on those who view your work. Embrace the power of these Presets and let your creativity unfold in the captivating world of shadows and mood.


Luminar NEO

Get photos like these

Using RAW files you will easily practice retouching tips and learn how to get photos like these.

© Jabi Sanz
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(40)
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(41)>
© Jabi Sanz
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(42)
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(43)>
© Jabi Sanz
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(44)
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(45)>
© Jabi Sanz
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(46)
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(47)>
© Jabi Sanz
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(48)
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(49)>
© Jabi Sanz
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(50)
Gloomy Landscapes Presets(51)>

The story

© Jabi Sanz

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Jabi Sanz

Photographer. Skylum Ambassador.

<p>Jabi Sanz is a landscape and travel photographer from Pamplona, a small city in northern Spain. He never had a professional camera or a passion for photography until his trip to Iceland. Iceland really blew his mind, and now Jabi can’t imagine his life without photography. His inspiration comes from nature, with all the beauty, variety of colors, sounds, and compositions. Photography and travel open new horizons for Jabi and take him to places he has never been.<br></p>                           

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