Luminar Mobile: Innovative photo editing for your Apple devices

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Luminar Mobile: Choose your device for Photo editing

Enjoy unparalleled freedom to edit photos with Luminar Mobile, available for the iPhone, iPad, and Vision Pro. Enhance your images effortlessly, wherever you go.

Spectacular results

Smart photo enhancements powered by AI

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Luminar Mobile: Tailor your editing to every device

Luminar Mobile: Choose your device for Photo editing(2)

iPhone — Right in your pocket

Create masterpieces with a powerful photo editor that’s always by your side.

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iPad — Handy for more detailed editing

While traveling or on the go, edit photos on a bigger screen and see every detail.

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Luminar Mobile: Choose your device for Photo editing(3)
Luminar Mobile: Choose your device for Photo editing(4) Luminar Mobile: Choose your device for Photo editing(5)

Vision Pro — Immerse yourself in a virtual editing studio

Experience next-gen photo editing through a VR interface.

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What are the app requirements of Luminar Mobile?

Our photo editing app, Luminar Mobile, requires iOS 17 or newer to work properly. Note that owners of older devices may encounter feature limitations.

What kind of features does the Luminar Mobile photo editor for iPhone have?

Luminar Mobile is an AI photo editor app. That’s why it has plenty of AI-powered features, such as SkyAI for replacing skies, SkinAI and BodyAI for retouching portraits of people, RelightAI for correcting exposure, and more. It also has a variety of other tools — such as Erase, Crop, Filters, Develop, Curves — making it a universal all-in-one app.

Is the iPhone picture editor beginner-friendly?

Of course! Our iPhone photo editing app is easy to use and delivers professional-level results, making it perfect for beginners.

What file formats does Luminar Mobile for iPhone support?

The iPhone image editor Luminar Mobile supports all the files that are natively supported by iOS and can be viewed in Apple Photos. Check this list of supported cameras by Apple Photos.

Where can I find the user guide for the Luminar Mobile iPhone editor?

Are there limitations on the file sizes I can edit?

When reviewing the limitations of the Luminar Mobile app to edit photos, make sure to check your device’s RAM capacities first. RAM acts as a temporary workspace for your device and having more RAM allows you to handle larger and more complex images without encountering performance issues. Check your supported RAM capacities here.