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Sun & Sand LUTs

LUTs by Irene Rudnyk

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Mathew Browne’s Sun & Sand LUTs are inspired by days at the beach. Whether you’re shooting lifestyle and travel portraits for social media or capturing epic seascape vistas, this collection contains 12 LUTs for you to explore. They work with different styles, lighting conditions, photography equipment, and times of day. Use them to their fullest or apply them subtly to suit your taste.These LUTs not only look incredible; they’re also compatible with Luminar 4, Luminar AI, and Luminar Neo as well as Photoshop and Lightroom — and even work in your video editing!In this LUTs pack, you will find 12 effects perfect for beach photography from dawn to dusk:Bondi: High-contrast teal and gold for golden hour shootingCabana: Rich wood tones and vibrant aquas to capture beach huts, cabanas, and water bungalowsCopacabana: A portrait LUT for sun-kissed skin and golden sandsFreshwater: Super saturated teals and a huge punch of contrast for underwater shootsFuraveri: A LUT for bright, warm, and airy beachside portraitsGrand Gaube: Enhance the natural beauty of sunrise and sunset with pink and coral tonesPendine: Rich golden tones and a big boost of contrastSt Maarten: A warm, vintage look with a subtle fadeTulum: A high contrast look with coral tonesTuvalu: Rich aqua tones and golds with added contrast for hazy days and drone shotsVaradero: Add some brightness, warmth, and color to an overcast beach sceneWaikiki: Intense warm tones for sunrises and sunsets


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Photoshop

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Using RAW files you will easily practice retouching tips and learn how to get photos like these.

© Irene Rudnyk
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© Irene Rudnyk
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© Irene Rudnyk
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© Irene Rudnyk
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© Irene Rudnyk
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© Irene Rudnyk
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The story

© Irene Rudnyk

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Irene Rudnyk

Professional Portrait Photographer, YouTube Creator

 <p>Irene Rudnyk is a portrait photographer, educator, content creator, and Canon Canada Ambassador residing in Calgary, Canada.</p><p>Irene first picked up a camera around 11 years ago and started regularly photographing her main subject — her sister Orysia. Since then, she has been captivated and inspired by feminine beauty. Irene tries to capture the woman in front of the camera in a creative, romantic manner. She doesn’t strive for realism, but rather a visually pleasing and feminine version of the finished product. While the subject is always the focus of her images, Irene puts a lot of thought into the environment and details of a photo. She likes to have full creative control over the photoshoot, so she often acts as a stylist or creative director and sometimes assumes the role of makeup and hair artist.</p><p>Irene started her own YouTube channel as a place to share creative projects and help other photographers with tutorials, behind-the-scenes views, and DIY videos. She has never considered herself an overly technical photographer, and she loves to show how she achieves her images with simple techniques, simple setups, and natural light. Irene shares her art with subscribers in the hopes of inspiring others and spreading some beauty into the world.</p>

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