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Day of Creation

天空 by Gleb Tarro

$ 25 .00


Make your photos look as if they were taken on another planet with these 25 magnificent Skies in JPEG format. Captured in California by Gleb Tarro, they boast dynamic fire-red colors reminiscent of the lava and magma at the heart of a new planet — and that inspired the name of the collection.

What is included

25 magnificent Skies in JPEG format


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO, Photoshop

Get photos like these

Using RAW files you will easily practice retouching tips and learn how to get photos like these.

© abdelrahman-ismail
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© anna-kurasova
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© dilan-nagi
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© dimitry-zub
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© sammie-nguyen
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Skies included in the pack

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Gleb Tarro

Gleb Tarro is a professional landscape photographer with over 25 years of experience. Gleb Tarro focuses on wildlife and cultural travel photography.

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