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Enhance your bird photography with this collection of 10 Presets. From enhancing the vibrancy of plumage colors to optimizing lighting and contrast to bring out the finest details in feathers, there is an ideal Preset for any need in this pack.


Luminar NEO

Get photos like these

Using RAW files you will easily practice retouching tips and learn how to get photos like these.

© Ujval Pasupuleti
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© Ujval Pasupuleti
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© Ujval Pasupuleti
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© Ujval Pasupuleti
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© Ujval Pasupuleti

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Ujval Pasupuleti

Wildlife & Nature Photographer

Hailing from Telangana, India, Ujval Pasupuleti's journey as an IT professional intertwines with an unwavering love for wildlife and landscapes. From traversing the United States to exploring the mesmerizing vistas of Dubai and India, he now finds himself immersed in the enchanting landscapes of Europe. Ujval's lens is a gateway to capturing the raw and captivating beauty of nature's finest creations. His fascination with photography ignited during his school days, beginning with film cameras and seamlessly transitioning into the world of digital and mirrorless photography. Beyond mere images, every click of the shutter carries a deeper purpose for Ujval. Through his artistry, he contributes to nature and conservation efforts, raising awareness and revealing the untamed beauty of new species. The fusion of Ujval's artistic flair and technical prowess is evident in his photographs. Each frame not only showcases the breathtaking allure of wildlife and landscapes, but also elegantly intertwines the wonders of technology. Join Ujval on a mesmerizing visual escapade, where art, nature, and technology converge harmoniously. Embark on this remarkable journey through his lens, as he uncovers the extraordinary coexistence of humanity and the untamed wonders of the wilderness.

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