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Luminar - Apple Vision Pro Photo Editing
Luminar - Apple Vision Pro Photo Editing(2)
Luminar - Apple Vision Pro Photo Editing(3)

Explore powerful tools combined with a user-friendly interface that help you easily enhance your photos on your Vision Pro device

Luminar - Apple Vision Pro Photo Editing(4)

AI features

Smart photo enhancements, powered by AI

Sky AI

Seamlessly replace a plain sky with a magnificent one

Enhance AI

Adjust up to a dozen controls with one slide

Structure AI

Unlock details and clarity, increasing the contrast

Relight AI

Get full control over exposure and light sources


All your editing needs
within one powerful app

Explore your new Vision Pro photo editing capabilities


Explore a collection
of unique effects and styles

Develop tool

Adjust the color and tone of your photos
with the most essential controls


Convert a colored photo to black and white


Effortlessly remove imperfections


Enhance golden hour light,
brighten foliage or apply dehaze


Easily trim, align, flip and rotate images
for a desired composition


Brighten, darken, add contrast or shift colors


Create dramatic photos
with crystal-clear sharpness

check the results

Professional-quality results in a snap

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What kind of features does the Vision Pro photo editor have?

The image editor for Vision Pro has all the same features of Luminar Mobile. You can use Erase, Crop, Sky Replacement, Develop, Enhance AI, and many more features.

Is Luminar Mobile beginner-friendly?

Yes. We have designed photo editing on Vision Pro in Luminar to be easy and intuitive for beginners, and convenient for the usage characteristics of Vision Pro.

What file formats does the app support?

All the same formats that are supported by Luminar Mobile, including the most popular non-raw formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, as well as RAW, that is supported by VisionOS 1.0 for all the cameras listed here.

What are the pricing plans?

You’ll find the same piercing plans as for Luminar Mobile. Also, if you subscribe for Luminar Mobile, you’ll get access to Luminar on Vision Pro as well.

Where can I find the user guide for the Vision Pro app?

All the components of editor for Vision Pro work in the same way as on the Luminar Mobile version, and can be found in the same places. That’s why if you need to consult the user guide on a question about apple Vision Pro photo editing, please check the Luminar Mobile guide here.

Are there any limits on the size of images I can edit?

Yes. If your photo is larger than 8000px, once you open it in Luminar Mobile, it will be downscaled to 8000px on the larger side.