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Cinematic Collection

라이트룸 프리셋 by Luke Stackpoole 제작

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The Cinematic Collection contains 50 presets compatible with both desktop and mobile versions of Adobe Lightroom. This collection has been carefully crafted to suit many styles of photography including landscape, portrait, lifestyle, and commercial. By applying a unique cinematic grade, these presets will help you achieve perfect tonal balance in the click of a button.

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40 Landscape Presets, 5 Portrait Presets, 4 Creator Presets, 1 Astro Preset, User Guide in English



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RAW 파일을 사용하면 간편하게 리터치 기법을 연습하고 이와 같은 사진을 편집하는 방법을 배울 수 있습니다.

© Luke Stackpoole
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© Luke Stackpoole
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© Luke Stackpoole

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Luke Stackpoole

Lifestyle & Adventure Photographer

 <p>Luke is a professional lifestyle and adventure photographer with a passion for emotive storytelling through his photography. He’s also an imaging ambassador for Tamron EU.&nbsp; Luke tends to focus his photography on the Nordic region because of the ever-changing weather, mountains, and drama that inspire him. Born in the UK, Luke used to work in finance in London but transitioned to photography in 2017 to pursue his passion.&nbsp;</p><p>Luke has spent the last couple of years traveling the world in search of some of the most unique environments to shoot, spending the majority of his time abroad creating photographic and video content for leading international brands such as Adobe, The North Face, and Visit Greenland.<br></p><p></p><p>In his spare time, when he isn’t at his computer deep in the editing zone, Luke enjoys Thai food, catching up on Netflix, and reading a good book in a cozy café!</p><div><br></div>                           

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