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Red & White Winter Applied

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The Red & White Winter Presets collection helps you quickly add a trendy look to your images, focusing on reds and whites.


Luminar NEO, Lightroom

이런 사진을 만들어 보세요

RAW 파일을 사용하면 간편하게 리터치 기법을 연습하고 이와 같은 사진을 편집하는 방법을 배울 수 있습니다.

© Anna Gorbenko
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© Prostooleh
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© Lobachad
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© Yavorandriy
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© Halfpoint
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© Sunny Studio
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© Yavorandriy

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Jakub Bors

Co-Founder of Clever Photographer

Jakub Bors is a UK-based landscape photographer with over 15 years of experience in digital art and technology. He’s most inspired by the work of Trey Ratcliff and Scott Kelby. Jakub has a large and supportive fanbase on social media, sells prints of fine art photography worldwide, has worked for PX500 and Trivago on their European projects, and has had his work published in several magazines including Practical Photography. His passion for traveling has brought Jakub to almost every corner of the planet and helped him connect with amazing people. 

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