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Lightroom presets

사진에 원하는 정확한 편집 스타일을 찾아보세요. 색상 조정, 토닝, 향상된 인물 기능 등 다양한 프리셋이 바로 여기에서 여러분을 기다리고 있습니다.

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Views in Black & White

$ 15 .00

Gloomy Voyage

$ 15 .00

Dramatic Panoramas

$ 15 .00

City Break

$ 15 .00

Fall Romance

$ 15 .00

Golden Leaves

$ 15 .00


$ 15 .00

빛의 계절

$ 15 .00

시네마틱 컬러 룩

$ 24 .00


$ 19 .00

Moody Days

$ 20 .00

Family Portrait

$ 15 .00

California Blue

$ 15 .00

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Collection Of Crafted Presets For Lightroom

Discover a superb selection of photography Lightroom presets that are available only on Skylum's Marketplace. These carefully chosen sets provide a smooth and simple method for adding beautiful effects and styles to your photos. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or an accomplished professional, these easily adaptable software settings have the power to turn your pictures into breathtaking works of art.

Get a large array of Lightroom settings that cover a wide spectrum of aesthetics, moods, and styles that are expertly crafted to match your individual creative vision. Effortlessly apply these presets to your photographs to elevate them with only a few clicks instantly.

Adding these advanced yet easy-to-use effects to your images opens up a world of new creative possibilities while also saving time. Buy presets for Lightroom to discover a world of limitless possibilities.

Save Time And Add Creativity To Your Photos With Adobe Lightroom Presets

By purchasing Lightroom presets, you get access to a large number of pre-generated sets that can be applied to your photos right away. Instead of spending hours manually adjusting multiple parameters, easily refine and retouch your images in only a few clicks.

Advantages of utilizing the Lightroom templates include:

  • Variety in aesthetics, emotions, and styles
  • From bold and colorful to somber and gloomy tones
  • Made for street, portrait, and landscape photography
  • Professional-level edits and enhancements
  • Meticulously produced by experienced photographers and  photo retouchers
  • Improve hues, tones, and details while preserving a realistic and natural appearance.
  • Pre-defined parameters save time
  • Encourage originality and serve as a starting point for editing
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