July 27 2021

Luminar AI Update 1.4.0: Spectacular portraits and more


Your patience has been rewarded!

LuminarAI Update 4 is here. It brings not only the long-anticipated Portrait BokehAI tool but also an even better editing experience, making LuminarAI more enjoyable than ever. Here's what's new. 

Dreamy and spectacular portraits 

The new Portrait BokehAIcreates a beautiful background blur in seconds, adding a realistic and dreamy 3D bokeh effect to your portraits. Emulate the stunning background haziness of a high-quality lens at maximum aperture. Hide imperfections in an unfocused background. Let the people in your photos stand out without needing a powerful light-sensitive camera. 

Better workflow with visual Texture previews 

Create fantastic compositions and stunning effects with the improved Textures tool. In the Local Masking tab, click +Add and select Texture. You can then visually browse Textures in the dropdown list to instantly have an idea of what your final result will look like. Check out free Flares and Sparklers Textures, and get more from the Luminar Marketplace

And you'll find even more amazing improvements... 

  • Achieve perfect sky positioning in SkyAI with the new Shifting Horizon Control
  • Buy more creative assets from the Luminar Marketplace right in LuminarAI
  • Get helpful information on Luminar X Membership and the Luminar Referral Program inside LuminarAI

We've also caught some bugs! 

Thanks to your input, we've made LuminarAI even better. We've caught and fixed 7 major bugs on macOS that could lead to crashes or unexpected results. 

Want to level up your photography? A lot of LuminarAI users have already become Luminar X Members and are enjoying monthly creative assets and in-depth educational materials. Join them and start creating even more striking photos! We hope that with each new update, LuminarAI becomes more enjoyable and comfortable for all Luminar Artists.