Cross Processing

Give your photo a vintage or off-colored spin.

You have 10 different options based on film types at your fingertips, all named after cities— from Tokyo to Seattle to London — that offer unique looks for experimentation. 

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Brad Moore



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Type & Amount

Reproduces a color cross-processing effect once commonly used in developing film to create unnatural color and interesting contrast shifts.


Use the drop-down list to choose a color palette preset inspired by various international cities. For instance, Monterey adds a bluish tint, London a light blue-green, while Auckland creates a more yellowish tone.


Drag the amount slider to affect how strong the cross processing effect is.

Brad Moore

Pro Photographer

Brad Moore is a commercial and entertainment photographer and videographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. He loves telling stories through his work, whether it be creating a portrait, capturing the energy of a concert, or sharing how something is made.

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