Photo Filter

Warm or cool your images and add creative toning.

This filter simulates color filters that traditionally are attached to a camera lens. Use this filter to accentuate complementary colors and add creative twists to the colors of your photos. Warm it up or cool it down, and add more depth.

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Jack Fusco



Filter controls


Controls how much of the colored filter is added to the image.


Sets the color value for the photo filter.


Controls the intensity of the color added to the image.

Preserve Luminosity

This option prevents the overall exposure of the image from changing. It is useful for most cases and should generally be turned on.

Jack Fusco

Pro Photographer

Jack Fusco was a touring musician, and his photography started as a way to purely document his travels throughout the United States and Europe. Since moving on from the touring life, photography has become his main form of creative expression.

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