Learn the different options available when you first open images in Aurora HDR 2018

© Abba Shapiro

If you have taken bracketed images (several shots of the same subject with different exposure settings), you can merge these shots in Aurora HDR to get significantly more dynamic range in your image. Abba Shapiro will step you through the different options available when you first open your Raw images in Aurora HDR 2018.

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Files may be used for personal practice only... please don't post your results. Images are copyrighted by Abba Shapiro

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand how to open a series of bracketed photos.
  • Understand the benefit of shooting bracketed
  • Know when to use the Alignment option
  • Know when and how to use Ghost Reduction, Color Denoise, and Chromatic Aberration Removal.

Example Images With Different Import Settings

Example of Alignment and Ghosting turned Off

Alignment On - Ghosting Off

Alignment Off - Ghosting Correction On

Final Image